bus tours in washington dc

The Joy of Bus Tours in Washington DC

Having the driver of the tour bus act as your guide is the perfect way of seeing America’s capital city in all its glory. The driver will give you the full history of the landmarks that you will see on your Washington D.C. adventure. This is the place where history – American history – was born. You will travel back in time to the place where the signing of the Residence Act took place in 1790 and see the place where it all began.

bus tours in washington dc

The driver on the bus tour of Washington D.C. is the person who will talk you through where you are at that moment in time, what you should expect to see coming up, which direction the landmark can be seen from and any planned stoppages.

We understand that tourists want to stop and take pictures, videos or even selfies with famous buildings and landmarks in the backgrounds – and there will be ample opportunity to get those fascinating pictures to share with all your friends on social media.

The bus driver will let you know that the vehicle is going to stop once you reach a designated landmark or building, and then inform you of exactly how long you will have to enjoy the site. There will be a time when the tour bus gets under way again and the driver will inform you over the speaker system installed on every bus.

There will be places of natural beauty to see on the bus tour also. The Potomac River runs near the district and the dizzy heights of Fort Reno Park. There are so many bus tours we offer that you’ll be pushed to find a favorite tour you can go on. The “See-It-All” Tour is a fascinating all day long guided tour that takes you and your friends or family around the National Mall and all over Arlington in Virginia.

The fascinating tour takes you around most of the memorials as well as the White House and Capitol Hill. There will be as many as 10 stops throughout the day where you can alight and take those fascinating pictures to remind you of the special history that has forged this nation.

Bookings for bus tours can be made online where you will also see clear pricing policies and a variety of payment methods. The option to hire multilingual tour guides is another feature you can book on your bus adventure.

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