Information on Frequent Asked Questions

The lunch stop is at the Pentagon city mall sometimes.

Sometimes in Washington DC if time is tight.

Yes, 5 stops: White house, Lincoln, Iwo Jima, National Cathedral, Air Force .

Most stops are 20 minutes except the Lincoln Memorial it’s 40 minutes.

You can see how long the stops are on the timeline page.

If we have enough people we will pickup from downtown Washington DC, Arlington and Alexandria Virginia. If not meet the tour at 801 F st  NW Washington DC in front of the National Portrait Gallery of Art 15 minutes before the tour time. If you are late follow the timeline to know the drivers location.

We do not pickup from other locations other than downtown Washington DC, Arlington and Alexandria Virginia.

Call to find out how many people we have for the 3 different locations because a pickup is not guaranteed.


Alexandria VA: 1 hour before the tour time.

Arlington VA: 40 minutes before the tour time.

Washington DC downtown: 25 minutes before the tour time.

Most people like to see the things they seen on television first like: White House, U.S. Capitol, Lincoln Memorial. Then the Museums.

Yes, the time will start when your picked up and will end when your dropped off. If you go over by 15 minutes you will be charged for one hour.

It depend on your time . If you came for a conference and don’t have much time i would say the Presidential tour,if your on vacation and want to get the most out of it, i will say the Congressional tour.Now if you want to see DC at night and 100 view points i would say DC Deluxe the best night tour in dc.

The presidential night tour only cover downtown around the national mall.The dc deluxe cover downtown uptown and part of arlington virginia.It’s mainly a riding tour that covers 32 miles,there is stops on the tour it stops for about 10 minutes only, both tours last 3 hours.

The presidential has 6 stops and the congressional has 8 stop, the presidential is an 3 hour tour and the congressional is an 6 hour tour that has tickets included for the Washington monument and the (engraving and printing).

Yes we have a live tour guided who explains the sites.

Only the private tours. The driver guide stays with the vehicle.

Yes gratuity is highly recommended.