Luxury Shopping Spree around Washington DC

One of the many challenging aspects of a shopping spree or a day buying all those new clothes, is the long walks between boutiques, malls, restaurants and outlets selling your favorite shoes or dresses. It can be exhausting and take the fun out of shopping with friends, particularly if you have to wait around for a bus or cab to get you from the mall and out to a local café, pizzeria or restaurant so you can all enjoy lunch.

We offer unique transportation to go shopping. Luxury stretch limousine so you can sit back shop and eat while you socialize and shop with friends or family. This is a good time or opportunity to bond and make memories if you haven’t seen each other in a long time.

A Happy Young Lady Traveler in our DC Shuttle

Have you ever got home from a shopping spree and been absolutely exhausted and dead on your feet? We all know that feeling when we not only have to carry around our shopping bags, but we have to negotiate public transport, multi-store car park elevators, somewhere to put all of your bags containing your shoes, dresses and blouses while you sit down and look for a decent table to have that much-needed coffee break. All that, and it often has to be done while wearing those killer heels.

Shopping is supposed to be fun and a pastime that has been something all your friends and family would normally look forward to once the weekend has arrived or you and your besties have managed a day off work in the week to splash out on all the latest styles.

Tours in DC has the answer to your shopping addiction issues: a limo ride around the malls, boutiques and outlets selling all your favorite shoes, summer fashions and latest styles or designs. Each time you load up with designer shopping bags, you can leave them inside the limo (there is plenty of room in a luxury stretch limousine for all those latest designs) and then wander off to do more shopping – only now you and your friends can do it in style.

A luxury shopping spree trip is the ideal way to bond with those family members or long-lost pals you haven’t seen in ages. You will want the experience to as stress-free as possible and be able to eat out at restaurants, cafes or just pop into a champagne bar in one of Washington’s fancy shopping malls – all the while knowing your shopping is safely sat in the back of your stretch limo.

A shopping spree experience lasts for an entire day, six hours in fact and the rate for hire is as little as just $300. Moreover, there is an opportunity to book extra hours for just $50.

shopping spree $300

Duration: 6 Hours

Additional Hour: $50