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Colonial Williamsburg

Celebrated as the largest living history museum in the world, Colonial Williamsburg is a rich blend of ancient architectural masterpieces and fine cultural heritage, an incredible place to encounter. It is located between the Duke of Gloucester Street and the Palace Green in Virginia, United States, and forms part of the reputable triangle of Virginia along with Yorktown and Jamestown.

History of Colonial Williamsburg

After the Civil War, Williamsburg, originally the Middle Plantation had barely survived. Its famous College of William and Mary had been attacked and other houses ravaged by the soldiers. Williamsburg remained the center for cultural, political and social activities for the colony from 1699-1780. For the 81 years, Williamsburg remained the capital of Virginia until Thomas Jefferson moved the capital to Richmond in 1781.

Restoration and Reconstruction

The move to restore the pride of this colony began in the year 1903 and was fuel and led by Reverend W.A.R. Goodwin who was born in Richmond in the year 1869. He visited Williamsburg for the first time as a seminarian on an assignment to recruit students of the College of William and Mary.

Rev. Goodwin became a religious studies professor at College of William and Mary and the rector of Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg in 1903. He sought to redeem the colony and in 1926, with John D. Rockefeller, Jr. as the fore sponsor, the restoration and reconstruction of Colonial Williamsburg began.

Colonial Williamsburg, Incorporated and Williamsburg Restoration, Incorporated were the two companies handling the reconstruction of the colony. Over 720 buildings that dated 1790 were demolished and new ones erected with only 88 buildings still having their original design and form.

Colonial Williamsburg Museum

Colonial Williamsburg Museum was opened in 1932 with history, trades, collections, architecture, gardens and researches as its core appeals. Its first 100 workers leaped to over 1800 workers at the end of the first decade, and in 1957 this Colonial Williamsburg had welcomed over a million visitors.

Today, Colonial Williamsburg is a living museum owned and run by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and is a historical site for visitors and tourist who wish to travel back in time to the 18th century.

Visitors are allowed to walk around Williamsburg without been charged. However, they get to pay if they wish to see artefacts, crafts, and artworks in any building.

With a rich stock of archaeological and historical assets, Colonial Williamsburg welcomes all who wish to enjoy ancient sites rich with architectural spots and beautiful artifacts while relaxing in an exotic environment.

Detailed Tour Itinerary

  • Governor’s Palace
  • Bruton Parish Church
  • Raleigh Tavern 
  • Bassett Hall 
  • Wythe House
  • Wren Building 
  • Peyton Randolph House
  • Merchants Square
  • The Colonial Williamsburg Courthouse

Tour lasts around 10 hours

Tour departure: 8:00 am

Time: 2 h 15 min (152 miles)

Private tour only
Total People: 14
Choose vehicle: SUV, Limousine, Van, Shuttle bus

Tour leaves from Washington DC to Colonial Williamsburg

Meeting Location: 700 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20408

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