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Gunston Hall

Constructed in 1755-1759, the Gunston Hall was the mansion home of United States founding father George Mason, who was the framer of the Constitution of the United States and author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights(basis of the United States of Rights).

The 18th-century Georgian mansion overlooking the Potomac River built in the center of the 5,550 acres plantation is now a museum that has a mission to “utilize fully the physical and scholarly resources of Gunston Hall to stimulate continuing public exploration of democratic ideals as first presented by George Mason in the 1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights.” Thousands of visitors troop into this museum to see for themselves the life and times of this dedicated and patriotic American evoked by his magnificent house.

Tour of Gunston Hall

The mansion is an exceptional model of Georgian architecture. The exquisite interior carvings, designed by William Buckland, a carpenter and indentured servant from England serve as a remarkable milieu for guided tours discoursing the 18th century Chesapeake household. The scenery at Gunston Hall comprises a massive central allée, understood to have been planted when George Mason was resident there. The Deer Park and the Potomac River lies just beyond the garden. The Guston Hall plays host to several events ranging from family-friendly events, scholarly lectures and symposia on an annual basis.

While on Gunston Hall, you begin your visit at the Visitor Center, where you watch an 11-minute movie titled “George Mason and the Bill of Rights” that showcases the political career and personal life of George Mason, and the aspects of the culture of the 18th-century plantation.  The outbuildings are also features of exploration, which typically represents buildings of the 18th-century support buildings for a plantation household. The reconstructed buildings are kitchen, dairy, laundry, and a smokehouse and they surround a well that still stands on its 18th-century foundation. These outbuildings are self-guided with interpretive data for the slave housing.

A stroll from the Gunston Hall welcomes you to the massive central allée, understood to have been planted when George Mason was resident there. Appreciate the view of the Deer Park and the Potomac River lying just beyond the garden or take a stroll to the river banks and see for yourself the peaceful scenery that blows with a cool breeze. The Mason family graveyard is also a feature to behold just some few distance from the house. Archaeologists are essentially found during the warm weather months on the grounds in their quest for further information about the plantation of Mason.

Without visiting The Museum shop while on a visit or tour of the Gunston Hall will seem to be an empty visit as here one can find many useful resources about Gunston Hall, George Mason, 18th-century life as well as a variation of unique gift items.

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