Professional Tour guides in Washington DC

This is where you get to choose the vehicle you want for your tour. The tours here come with a driver and tour guide. This arrangement gives the tour an extra dynamic: tourists on the bus can ask questions and engage in conversation with the guide, as unlike the driver, their full attention is on your questions.

The tours are extensive and could take place in a coach bus, limo or car it’s your call. There will be frequent stops along the way and the Tour guides Washington DC will get off the bus with you and point out the best vantage points and photo opportunities among the many landmarks, historical buildings and memorials you will pass during your Washington D.C. tour.

Have you ever considered sharing a limo with other sightseers? Hiring a limo can be a great deal cheaper if the cost is shared with others – and who knows, you might get to meet some interesting like-minded people this way in the intimate setting of this luxury class stretch vehicle.

You may want to enjoy a fantastic day out shopping. The limo-driven Shopping Tour takes in six passengers for a shopping experience of a lifetime. At first, we will stop the vehicle at the Tanger Outlet National Harbour stores and boutiques. From there, the limo will take you and your friends on to the National Harbour itself where you will enjoy lunch and a drink before heading off to the Potomac Mills.

The entire day lasts for about six hours but there is always an option to add in an extra hour to your itinerary if required. If your tour wants a personal touch then why not hire a personal tour guide – one who will personally get to know each name of the party and keep you abreast of where you are going, what you are seeing, where to take the best photographs and any history surrounding the buildings and landmarks you will encounter on your private tour.

Private tour guides Starts at $40 per hour up to $70 per hour and you can even hire a personal tour guides Washington DC when you hire out the Private Bus Tour. A private shuttle bus can hold up to 24 people and comes with a driver. These wonderful private bus tours around Washington D.C. are equipped with air conditioning, a microphone system used by your tour guide, who will offer you a myriad of interesting facts and information about the city.

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