Family Friendly Night Tours in Washington DC

Anyone who lives in the bustling city of Washington D.C. will know that things tend to quieten down a bit at night and even a little in the evenings. The traffic is calmer, the mood is jollier and less working-in-the-office panic mode; in fact, the entire experience is totally amazing.

Washington DC night tours

Most of the sights, buildings and memorials are still there, illuminated for you and your camera to get the best evening shots to show off to your friends. Even the locals are relaxed and unwound from the working day and you can find them eating and drinking in the many restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, coffee shops and bars across this beautiful big city. But that’s at night.

What is good for the daytime is equally good for the evening. The illuminations across Washington D.C. are stunning and if you have ever been on a day trip tour you might want to do the same again around the city at night.

What is available tour-wise by day, is also there for at night.Night Tours Washington DC include the deluxe night tour where you will still get plenty of opportunity to stop and leave the bus to take some photographs. You may want to make use of your flash but many of the sights seen on the night tour are so well illuminated, you might be forgiven for thinking its daytime.

The deluxe night tour will stop off right outside the White House – where the entire surround and façade of this iconic building is bathed in white and orange lighting. It will also let you off at the Lincoln Memorial. At night we will also stop off at Iwo Jima, the National Cathedral and the Air Force Command Building.

At night there will be a Presidential Night Tour where you will see all the sights in the downtown area of Washington D.C. The bus will also stop off at the National Mall. If you prefer to see the uptown region of the city and some of the sights in Arlington, then you can go on the D.C. Deluxe Tour where these places are visited.

Night Tours Washington DC usually last around three hours and the stops are long enough to allow for photography, a quick stretch of the legs and time to soak in the nocturnal beauty of Washington. However, the museums are not usually on the night tours.

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