Looking for a Sightseeing Tours in Washington DC?

If you are planning a vacation, business stopover or just a long weekend break in the capital, why not make the most of that time and indulge on a sightseeing tour of Washington D.C.? It would foolish to come here and go away without seeing all there is to offer, especially if you are unfamiliar to its surroundings, how best to get there and what it is exactly you are going to see.

A sightseeing tour in Washington takes you to each landmark and historical feature while you sit back on the bus and enjoy the ride. The only time you will have to do anything beyond enjoying the sights is when you take some pictures to save for the memories – or perhaps post on social media to your envious friends.

The sightseeing tours Washington DC. cover the metro area and its reputation is solid from the many satisfied tourists who have previously enjoyed these tours. There are so many different tour packages you can choose from that you are bound to find one that fits in with your itinerary. Some of the tours can cover a week-long stay in the capital and other packages suit those who are staying for a long weekend. But that’s just the start on what’s on offer!

Tours are varied and can be private or shared with others. The private tours are perfect for small groups and families. Business teams are often found using these private tour spectacles and representatives from Asian communities often use this as the perfect way to get around and see Washington up close and personal. And let’s not forget tour guides – who accompany all the private sightseeing tours Washington DC – can be sourced with multi-linguistic skills if required. Korean and Mandarin speaking tour guides are available to those coming over from Asia.

European visitors can take advantage of French, Italian, German or Spanish speaking guides to show you around and tell every visitor what it is they are seeing. The tours don’t all take place in the closed confines of a bus, tour coach or private limo; one of the most popular tours in the summertime is the Waterfront Stroll.

The Waterfront Stroll allows you to sight see the harbours and all the water areas of the city. You will visit – by foot – the Washington Harbour and the National Harbour, as well as seeing the Waterfront Park in Alexandria, VA.

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